Welcome to TRIFEKTA

TRIFEKTA is a collaborative gathering of artists and DJs who showcase various forms of underground electronic music.

Trifekta is based in NYC and is comprised of 4 resident DJs: DJ_Rio, Punkmonk, SonicAvante, and Patrick Todd. We are currently excited about being able to stream our shows LIVE through the MIXCLOUD website & app.

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Stay tuned for details on event dates and times.

Celebrate what we have! Remember, electronic music is the foundation of happiness, peace and bonding but most of all, LOVE
Everyone needs their own space to listen and to keep moving.
Interact and join our events through social media platforms, or come to our venues in person.


TRIFEKTA is not just about us or the wonderful performers and DJs, but it’s mainly about you, the listener: the one with the voice, the vibe, the personality, the love, and the spirit. You are the connoisseur, the socialite, the party-goer, the dancer, the lover, the hater and most of all, the very essential piece of what makes it all come together for our fantastic journey together in this thing called- LIFE.

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The universe speaks in tones…