TRIFEKTA Friday 7/24/20

We are back after a brief interval. It’s been a few quiet weeks and we completely psyched up to burn and rip apart your walls with some blazing electronic vibes !

To hear the DJs LIVE, here’s the link to our TWITCHchannel, TRIFEKTA888
It all starts 8PM EST this Friday

To connect with our listeners on the dance floor and chat, visually, go to our meeting room on the ZOOM! app

or enter invite code : 853-7389-3595

DJ Lineup 7/24/20

8 PM – 9:30 PM Tim Murphy & Patrick Todd
9:30 PM – 11:30 PM DJ_Rio
11:30PM past midnight SonicAvante

The night will kick off as always this Friday, and we really appreciate all your support through these whack-ass times.

Invite your friends and see them in our ZOOM! room

Please remember to follow us !

The universe speaks in tones…

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